Storytime Tea

Happy lazy Sunday to you all!

I have had a blog post series idea floating in my head for some time now. I often feel quite detached from my blog. Not in the sense that I feel it’s completely irrelevant to my life, it is all very relevant but often I feel though I’m not putting enough me into it… if you get me?

I didn’t know what to call this series but as I’m sat in my pjs with a cup of tea writing this… how about Storytime Tea? I want these to be ‘spur of the moment’ posts about something that has happened in my life or something that I’m passionate about.

I’m hoping through this series you’ll get to know a bit more about the person sat behind ‘Em’s Coffee Chats’ and I’ll get to pour more of myself into it!

That’s all for now, enjoy your Sunday!

E x



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