March’16 Favourites

I have never done a ‘favourites’ post before, despite it being one of the most popular posts amongst bloggers. Here we go, I’m giving it a bash!

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Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Once again, I am SO late – like years and years late – jumping onto this bandwagon. I have fallen in love with this stuff. One of my most hated chores is taking off my makeup at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of clean, cleansed and moisturised skin but the actual process of taking my make up off.. yuck. This has made my evenings so easy. Within a minute or so my makeup is gone and I’m left with super clean and soft skin. Basically, it’s like magic, the quickest and easiest way to get rid of makeup.  I often do two lots in one go: first I use it to get my makeup off and then I do another pump to properly cleanse my skin.

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Soap and Glory Hand Food

I have always hated having things of my hands. Those who know me will know that I’m quite obsessive with having clean hands… any little bit of something on my hands, I need to wash them straight away. This makes using hand cream (and not washing my hands straight after to let it sink in) very difficult. That greasy and slimy feel is a no go! I was given the Soap and Glory Hand Food in a gift hamper from my step-mum and I love it! For one, the smell is heavenly, like it should be edible (but don’t eat your hand cream kids!). Secondly, it sinks into your skin within seconds and leaves them soft but with no slime or grease! Even I can stand this on my hands.

Rimmel Nail Treatment

I’m constantly painting my nails to cover the brittle, dry and flaky state they are always in… embarrassingly. However, surprise surprise, this doesn’t solve the problem. Nail treatments are often quite pricey but Rimmel Nail Treatment does the job just as good at more than half the price! Paint one coat each day for 7 days before then removing it; there’s no hassle at all and it dries super quick!

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Pandora Rings

I have always loved rings, they are definitely my favourite piece of jewellery. However, rings for me are sentimental and therefore I don’t tend to buy many fashion rings. Up to my 21st birthday I had one ring that was very special to me; from my nan for my 16th. For my 21st my mum bought me a beautiful floral ring and my step-mum and brother bought me a sweet heart ring; both from Pandora. Since then I have been looking on Pandora every week just because they are so damn pretty… and affordable!

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Blogger Chats

Last Tuesday evening I took part for the first time in a Twitter blog chat. Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Chat (FBLCHAT) brings bloggers from around the world together to chat and mingle. It lasts for an hour and you get to become a part of the blogger community and meet  lovely people. If you are new to the blogging world like me or what to try something new, you should definitely take part! I have left a list of blog chats that I am aware of below. As I get to know more I’ll be sure to mention them.


#FBLOGGERS Fashion blogger chat 8pm-9pm

#HEALTHYSELVES Chat about being and getting healthy 8pm-9pm

#MHMONDAY Chat about mental health 8pm-9pm


#FBLCHAT Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger chat 8pm-9pm

#MYBCHAT PR, networking and how to market your blog 7pm-8pm


#LBLOGGERS Lifestyle blogger chat  7pm-8pm

#BBLOGGERS Beauty blogger chat 8pm-9pm


#BLOGGERSPACE For all bloggers 7pm-8pm

#FBLOGGERS Fashion blogger chat 8pm-9pm


#BEAUTYCHAT Chat about all things beauty 6pm-7pm


#SOCIALBLOGGERS General chat for all bloggers 6pm-7pm


#LBLOGGERS Lifestyle blog chat 7pm-8pm


The last month I have been loving Lucifer; mainly because Tom Ellis is in it… who doesn’t love Tom Ellis! It’s such a funny and light-hearted but gripping series. Lucifer is the devil who has set up home in LA because he is dissatisfied with his time in hell. The series follows his relationship with a detective, Chloe, and his time on earth. Definitely worth a watch! Find Lucifer on Amazon Video!

If you don’t have amazon prime or amazon video, then you can sign up to a 30 day free trial here

What have you been loving in March?

E x


7 thoughts on “March’16 Favourites

  1. Hey, I found your blog off the back of the #fblchat this afternoon. I’m a new(ish) blogger too and only just getting into the chats. Really like this post though… 🙂 xx

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