Hello again!

I miss blogging.

I started my blog last year on a whim really, something to pass the time and a hobby I can pour myself into. I used to be very creative but as I grew older and took more academic subjects at school and now at university, this creative side became numb. My blog was somewhere I could release that.

When I got back to university writing blog posts became difficult simply because I didn’t have enough time between studying. I miss my little outlet though, my little space on the internet.

Edited 1a.jpg

Here’s a little catch up….

So I’m in my third year now, everything is hectic; my dissertation, other modules, trying to enjoy my last year in Cardiff and sorting out what I’m doing next year.

In December and January I spent two weeks in my old primary school. It was so strange being back there and seeing old teachers but I LOVED IT. Throughout my time there I sent off my teacher training application and got positive responses from both of my options. Within a couple of weeks I had done both interviews; I was so grateful to have offers back from both, but my heart belonged to my primary school. I actually cried for hours after getting the phone call… happy tears though! I’M SOON TO BE A TEACHER!

I’ve also had my 21st birthday which was the best birthday EVER! My boyfriend took me to see Gabrielle Aplin who I’ve wanted to see for so long, she was incredible. Then I spent my birthday day with my friends at laser quest, Zizzi and having cocktails, and spent the following weekend celebrating with my family. Since then I have just been plodding along, getting my dissertation done and working towards my final assessments.

Although it doesn’t sound like I’ve done much, I have been a busy bee! But one thing has been missing, blogging. I follow quite a few bloggers on twitter and every time I see that they have uploaded a blog post I’m like ‘ohhh I want to do that again!’ So here we go.

You’ll have to bear with me whilst I try to figure this all out again (not like I ever figured it out in the first place) and organise my life. I’m so excited to get my little space on the internet back.

E x


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6 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. Hello! I completely understand your situation, I’m currently studying and working so i don’t have that much time to blog but it’s something i really love so i try my best to do in my spare moments (and sometimes it takes a bit of my sleeping hours but oh well…)
    I’m following you now, hoping to see your next post! good luck with school 🙂 xx


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