The BEST Sports Bra For Bigger Boobs

It is so important to support your ladies while exercising however finding the right sports bra can be tricky; especially for us bigger boobed girls. I always have everyday problems with bigger-than-average breasticles; something my mother so kindly passed on to me. One main problem area is sport and fitness. No one wants to see boob in the downward dog position or while you jog down the street. I have a remedy for you!

Recently I’ve needed to invest in a new sports bra. Where? New Look of all places! New Look are known for keeping up with the latest trends but I never thought of giving a second glance at their sportswear section.


I bought a pretty purple sports bra with colourful specks and lovely detailing on the back for only £12.99. I was so happy with how it kept what once were irritating bigger than average boobs locked down and supported. I have tried many sports bras before but I have to say this one was the best so far. I felt as though I could engage in my yoga without worrying about flashing anyone or feeling unsupported. I can now salute to the sun with no boob-inconvenience.

Supporting your boobs is something that cannot be missed out of your sports wardrobe. Keep those ladies locked down and enjoy fitness with support.

E x

Sports Bra Link Via Wantfeed

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