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Yoga is this new trendy, healthy lifestyle-esque thing to do which makes it hard to believe that some people back away. Thanks to 5 myths many people won’t go near yoga. So here is me doing some myth-busting for you!



It is often believed to do yoga you have to be able to do a back flip, distort your limbs and be able to pull your feet behind your head while balancing on top of a mountain. The reality is, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. It is something that can be gently developed over time. Any great yoga teacher would tell you ‘if it hurts, stop!’; you can take any position or movement as far as you want.


Yoga is known for its de-stressing and relaxing benefits. A heavy work schedule, a hectic mind state, neck and back tension? Yes, yoga helps with this. However this common assumption that yoga is just relaxation is wrong. Yoga has so many benefits such as strengthening, improving balance and toning your body. Not to mention the recentering and cleansing of the mind.


With the vast amount of resources online, it is so easy to do yoga on a small budget. Youtube is brilliant for yoga tutorials and guides. Youtube channels such as Lifestyle Youtuber Madeleine Shaw and also Yoga with Adriene  have fantastic yoga tutorials.

If you are at university or college there may be a yoga society or club. This year at university I have joined the yoga society which cost me £50 for the year equating to only £2.50 per lesson. Yoga doesn’t have to be expensive!


No wonder we hear this myth when more and more women are getting out their yoga mats and positioning themselves into the tree pose. However yoga isn’t just defined to women. It’s a tool available to men too.


We often hear buzzwords such as meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and enlightenment which scare us to think we are committing to a set of strict rules and regulations. ‘The rules of yoga’ sounds very uninviting, right? Instead yoga and meditation is a way of living rather than strict rules. It is guidelines and something which can be easily slotted and adapted into your lifestyle.

Myth-busting? Done!

E x

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