It’s Not Just A Number | Global Goals

Hello on a normal non-blog-post day! This spontaneous blog post couldn’t wait. I wanted to chat about an incredible cause which I believe we should all get involved with. Lets put the power of blogging into action and spread the word!

Recently many celebrities and idols, including Rita Ora, Beyonce and Tanya Burr have became involved within an incredibly inspirational cause. Global Goals. World leaders are committed to combat three ills across the world; poverty, inequality and justice, and climate change, by achieving 17 global goals.

Everyone is being encouraged to choose the goal that they feel most passionate about; shout it out, tell people and put these goals into action.


For me, there was one goal which really stood out. Number 4; quality education. Education has the power to achieve dreams and create change. I believe education is a right; across oceans, within all cultures, at any age, no one should be denied access to education. I have worked with pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds who’s access to education is limited. The frustrating thing is, these pupils dream of a career and a lifestyle they are passionate about. Why should these children be denied this?

Comment below and tell me what your number is!

Write in on your hand, on your social media outlets, tell people and spread this global challenge.

Together we can achieve these goals.

E x


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