Clear Work Space, Clear Mind.

It’s very difficult not to jump on the minimalist bandwagon because after all, it makes so much sense. I love the simple, clutter free space with the typical white background and green plants. However I think a balance is crucial. Too minimalist and you risk your room feeling clinical and uninviting. Not minimalist enough and you risk chaos and a hectic state of mind. So the answer… a homely minimalist workspace. This year as I went back to my university home I wanted to make sure my workspace gave me a clear mind to get on with my work however felt comfortable and homely enough that I enjoy being there.


Plants have so many benefits for your health and state of mind. Have you ever felt the urge to go on a walk around a park, woods or even just a small green walkway? When I am feeling stressed or my to-do list is just too long to get my head around, I’ve always loved giving my mind a breather by surrounding myself with green. So why not bring the euphoric world of green inside and into your workspace? I have scattered my room with plants; my favourites being three little cactus plants that I picked up from Ikea for £4.50 and my sunflowers from a local supermarket.


Similar to the benefits of plants, day light has a huge influence on our mood and state of mind. I feel so lucky that my workspace is next to a big window which allows buckets of day light to flood into my room. It’s a definite mood booster. That ‘bright equals happy’ association even extends to your work place.

For a clear mind, it’s important to keep your workspace clear. Therefore I try to keep what is on my desk to a minimum. One essential thing which I always have next to me is my diary. This little book always has my back!


However I think it is still important to have little homely touches. Candles, gem stones, crystals and photos. All these little touches are calming and homely. This I think draws minimalism from the risk of looking clinical and sterilised, and towards a simple but homely space of focus and relaxation.


I have only recently realised how much a work space can impact on your state of mind and ability to just crack on with that to-do list or that essay you have to write. I find myself sat here at my desk writing this blog post without hesitation and without distraction. Something I have only managed to do since adopting a homely but simple workspace.

E x

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5 thoughts on “Clear Work Space, Clear Mind.

  1. Love your approach 🙂 I definitely agree with you that finding a balance is key. I currently don’t have a desk but I’m so looking forward to making my own little personal workspace when I do.

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  2. How GORGEOUS!!! ❤
    Love how you've incorporated plants & greenery into your space…very neat and beautiful 🙂
    I love love love cactus & succulents and they're everywhere in my apartment…my happy plants!
    I did a post today on my cactus plants…would love for you to check it out 🙂
    BTW, awesome blog, followed you!
    Love from India


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