4 Ways To A Successful Academic Year

Moving from a small town to a bustling and vibrant city is so inspiring and therefore the perfect time to put some changes into place. To have a successful year, I have set myself some lifestyle goals; here’s me hoping they aren’t going to be those halfheartedly set goals that go out of the window in a few weeks time.

If you’re at university, school or even work, maybe you could integrate some of these changes into your own lifestyle.

BE MORE ORGANISED: “I am going to be SO organised this year” are the words many students say during the month of September. A month or two down the line however, your diary is still sat on your shelf collecting dust. Yes, I know you’ve done it too. Lets put those words into action, shall we? Noting down your tasks and meetings in your diary however is only one part of organisation. I feel though to be organised you need to take a step back and think through your week ahead. I’m trying to dedicate half an hour each Sunday evening  to take a step back and realistically plan and draw consciousness to the week ahead.


BUDGET: ‘Budgeting’ is a word that lingers over most students. I’m in my third year and I still suck at sticking to budgeting. Temptation is cruel; a meal at my favourite restaurant, a night out, that top I’ve had my eye on, yes, I still can’t resist. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never, right? Calculating how much I have to live on each week (something I did anyway but tend to forget during the year) and then withdrawing money ONLY to meet that weekly allowance is one way to master the art of budgeting. You can only spend the cash you have withdrawn and your bank card can then remain at home to avoid this ‘invisible’ spending they are so good at.

RELEASE THE TENSION: It is important to release daily stress and tension . Often we get stuck in a routine and forget to take time out to chill! Sitting down with a cup of tea doesn’t necessarily switch your mind off; instead you are resting with a hectic mind set. Therefore finding a hobby you love is something all students, including myself, should do to unwind and recenter. For me, that is yoga and meditation. It is a huge part of my life but sometimes I fail to make the most of this hobby. This year I want yoga and meditation to become a even bigger part of my life. I have already started to put this in place by buying a membership to the yoga society at my university. It is something my friend and I can get our teeth into and  relax the student stresses and pressures away. Having a hobby or even a blackout night once a week with no internet or electronic gadgets can be a fantastic way to relax. We all need some time out, we’re only human!

EAT HEALTHIER: Do you ever wonder why you have lost all energy by noon? I do. I have never been one for diets however recently I’ve been ready to get into bed by mid afternoon. This is most likely down to what I’m eating so therefore for a successful year I want to eat a more balanced diet. A stricter meal plan, less snacking and more fruit and veg is going to be a promise I must keep this year. One cheat day a week is acceptable though, right?

 Lets see how long these last for, shall we? 

E x


4 thoughts on “4 Ways To A Successful Academic Year

    1. Glad you found them useful! It’s taken me a long time to realise having a hobby can do wonders for resting your mind and releasing tension. I found myself sitting down with a cup of tea but still worrying about things too often!
      Thank you for your comment!

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