Back In The City | Coffee Catch Up

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I spent last week tucked up in bed, with a hot water bottle and lemsips. Kicking the cold months off to a ‘good start’… how lovely. I was determined to get better before the weekend as I was heading back to my student life in Cardiff. Amongst all this madness, I am ashamed to admit I have missed a week of blog posts *hangs head in shame*. Although I have some posts ready to go and ideas ready to turn into posts, I thought none of them relate to now. That is why I have left it until now to post something and what better than a walk around Cardiff, taking photos and having a coffee with one of my closest friends.

Queue the photos.





From the beautiful architecture to the little independent coffee shops. From seeing friends to getting my teeth into a course I’m passionate about. It’s hard not to love being back in Cardiff.

E x


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