7 Skincare Sins

We all have those little skincare habits. As we aren’t fully conscious of them, we often forget to think about the impact they have on our skin. I have found 7 skincare sins I think a lot of you may relate to. I hold my hands up and admit, I have been or still am guilty of these. I’m trying to change this, I promise!



I often get into bed and realise I still have a face of makeup. Do I get out of bed to take it off? No. C’mon, I know you do it too! After a long day you just want to jump into bed, snuggle up and fall asleep instead of slugging through your skincare routine. However taking off your make-up is so important. Who wants to wake up with that horrible grubby face feeling, right? I commit this skincare sin too often. A solution? Well, keeping some cotton wool pads and micellar water right next to you on your bedside table means you have no excuse not to remove your make-up! No rinsing and a fresh skin feel in the morning. And the best thing… you can do it while lay in bed!


This is quite a gross one that stems from teenage years but even twenty-something year olds can still get spots. As a teenage I remember being so conscious about my spots; this was a regular occurrence as a new one (or two) appeared each day. How kind, right? *shakes head* Although I am now older and get far less spots, I still get the odd one now and then and cannot resist popping them. My mum had always said it’s bad to pop spots because it will damage your skin; and she was so right. The evidence of spot popping is right there on my face; scars, marks and unhealed pores. I am getting better at resisting, mainly because I find it too gross, but I still wish I had someone to slap my hand away whenever I go near them!


Using the wrong products for your skin type has a huge influence on your skin. Not everyone’s skin is the same and therefore we have to resist getting sucked into new products or recommendations without investigating them first. I used to use highly perfumed products; no wonder my skin was angry most of time! Having extremely sensitive and dry skin it was important to find the right products to combat it. In a lot of drugstores you can talk to a specialist who will suggest options for the products you should use. And remember, google is your best friend too!


Water has massive benefits for our skin. Swapping those sugary drinks for water reinvigorates and hydrates your skin giving you a younger, glowing complexion. It doesn’t have to be boring either! Infuse water with mint leaves, orange or berries.




I’m so guilty of this one. Washing make-up brushes is such a chore but it’s a task you must do to have healthier skin. Brushes gather germs, dirt and become very grubby from your make-up. Washing your make-up brushes once a week reduces the transfer of germs onto your face. Simply wet the brush in warm water, squeeze a small amount of shampoo into your hand, work it into the brush and rinse.


As a teenager I used to scrub my skin so much that I would end up looking like a tomato and scaring my family; please tell me I am not the only one who did this? This meant, not only did I remove dead and dried skin cells, I also damaged my healthy skin and ripped open my pores. Gentle small circular movements (without making your face red) is all it needs to remove those dead skin cells.


This isn’t such an obvious one. In today’s society, we are on our phones quite a lot, we take them wherever we go and are constantly touching them. Phones gather germs from your hands and environment, so when you place it next to your face to chat away, you are transferring those germs to your skin. Do you ever have that foundation imprint on your phone after using it? Well most likely the germs on your phone have made a similar imprint on your face. Keeping your phone clean is essential!

I’m definitely still working on breaking these bad skincare habits. Let me know any bad skincare habits you have and how you try to break them; your skin is so important after all!

E x


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