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Stress and anxiety is a normal part of life so it’s important to take time out to re-center, relax and cleanse your mind. This can be done through meditation. For this post of the Be Mindful Project I thought I would discuss three ways meditation can help and an incredible app I use to meditate called Calm.

‘ME’ TIME: Our lives can be busy and hectic; I know mine can be. We rush about from one place to the next, from one task to another, and often we forget to have time for ourselves. Meditation is the time for you. Dedicating just half an hour of your day to a session is the perfect way to have that all important me time which energises us for the busy day ahead.

FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: We can feel buried under work and our mind becomes a jumbled mess which makes concentrating on the task at hand difficult. We are too busy thinking about all the jobs we have to get done that we are taken from what we are doing there and then. Meditation helps to focus your mind. Sit still, close your eyes and sense that your body and mind are present. Through exam periods or busy work schedules this helps me re-center myself. After I meditate, I tend to write a to-do list; with a clear mind it is easy to think through the day ahead realistically and draw your focus onto each task.

EXPECTATIONS AND PRESSURES: Today, we are constantly on social media networks, trying to be the best we can be and aiming to meet those expectations of others. It’s so easy to get buried underneath the pressure or compare yourself to other people; taking a step back is so important. Meditating can cleanse your mind and boost self-confidence. In the moment, sit back and realise what makes you, you and identify why you are doing what you are doing.

I’m still learning the benefits of meditation however I am surprised with how much a difference it does make. Meditation, without sounding soppy, has helped me through hectic work periods where my mind is just as hectic, through times where I feel nervous or stressed about the smallest things and moments when I lose self-confidence. It cleanses my mind and puts life into perspective.


One thing which has motivated me to meditate more is the app; Calm. This app guides meditation sessions and maps your progress. It’s like one of those fitness apps but for your mind – your mind is a muscle after all! And the best thing about it, you can take it anywhere and do it at any time of the day!

PERSONALISE: You can choose from many different scenes; from Summer Meadow to Pouring Rain, from Woodland Lake to Sunset Clouds. They each provide a calming sound and can be changed at any time; so you can customise your meditation session to your own personal taste.


  • 7 Days of Calm: This is a 7 day program to learn the basics of meditation and clarity. This program aims to build an awareness of mindfulness and those triggers during day-to-day life which can cause stress and anxiety.
  • Guided: In this section you are provided with 21 options, each one aimed to achieve a specific mental state. Two of my favourites include; Deep Sleep during those restless nights and Body Scan to unwind after a long hard day. The voice integrated into the app talks you through a meditation session specifically aimed to achieve these goals. And even better, you can choose the time you want to invest into each session from 2 to 30 minutes; making it easy to slot into a busy schedule anytime during your day!
  • Timer: This option mutes the guiding voice and plays the sound of your chosen theme during your selected amount of time. This enables you to take yourself through your own meditation.

I love this app. I cannot fault it. If falling asleep before the recording has even finished doesn’t show how good it is, I don’t know what will!

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or mentally tense, this app is the perfect buddy and I believe everyone should have it downloaded onto their phone. An app that creates a healthier well-being; who would’ve thought it?!

At the end of a session, don’t forget to place the palms of your hands together in front of your chest, bow your head and say ‘Namaste’. Hope you enjoyed this second post of the Be Mindful Project and I hope you have picked up some helpful tips!


E x


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