‘Save My Skin’ Smoothie

Do you ever have those moments where your skin is very problematic however there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it? My skin seems to have a life of its own right now and does whatever the hell it likes, much to my dismay.

As we draw closer to Autumn I start to panic – skin-wise. Although Autumn is my favourite season; with the cosy jumpers, candles, nights in with friends and Halloween… can’t forget Halloween, it is also the time of year where the air becomes colder, the chances of sun are a lot slimmer and your skin seems to have the life drawn from it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what skincare products you use or how much you try to leave your skin clear, it just doesn’t want to budge. When my skin feels in need of a boost I turn to one remedy in particular. My ‘save my skin’ smoothie.


Spinach (1 cup): . Spinach is a rich source of two specific vitamins that improve your skin’s complexion: vitamin A evens out your skin tone and vitamin C repairs and initiates growth of skin cells. Made up of antioxidants, spinach also has an anti-ageing benefit with it’s ability to destroy free radicals that would otherwise damage your skin. With spinach there’s no downfall!

Mango (1 & 1/2 cup): Packed full of carotenoids, mangoes are rich in vitamin A; the perfect ingredient for a glowing complexion. Magoes help reduce acne, blemishes and blackheads while also adding a shine to your skin.

Coconut Water (1 cup): Coconut water is becoming more popular and one can pin this down to its health and skin benefits. Firstly, coconut water is incredibly hydrating; something the colder weather doesn’t do. Coconut water also improves the circulation of oxygen around your body and thus reduces deposits in the skin by allowing the skin to breathe. This creates a more healthy and flawless complexion

Avocado (half):  The carotenoids in avocado’s provide skin protection which reduces dullness and signs of ageing. Unlike the previous ingredients, avocado’s are made up of fatty acids which help restore damaged skin cells and are also important in maintaining your skin moisture level.


Place these three skin-loving ingredients into a blender with half a banana and the juice of half a lime, whizz it up and enjoy. Your skin will definitely thank you for it!


Let me know if you try this out!

E x

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