A French Retreat.

Bonjour belle!

The last week I have been on holiday in the French countryside. After three different trains, two car journeys and a total eight hours of travelling my family and I arrived at our villa ‘Le Petit Rêve’ in the countryside hamlet of La Boissiére. Where? Exactly. Its non-touristy nature, cultural charm and authentic feel made it the perfect retreat. It provided a well needed antidote; ingredients… sunshine, fresh air, good food and new surroundings.

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Early mornings were spent watching the sun rise with a cup of tea and a croissant; how very French of me, and completing yoga sessions. Having outdoor space to indulge in some yoga was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down! I’ve always been a morning person but sometimes it’s hard to appreciate its fresh nature. However every morning in France it was easy to pull yourself out of bed and soak in the morning sun.

As a child I visited France every year. Sunflowers, freshly baked croissants and old-fashioned shutters on village house windows are just a few things I can remember. The main thing wedged in my memory is a restaurant introduced to me by my mother and step-father. We sat outside under the parasol around a table framed with flower beds and tall green plants. I thought it was only right to re-visit this restaurant in the beautiful town of La Rochefoucauld. It’s face has been modernised and I was disappointed to find the quiche was no longer on the menu however the feel was just the same; it was as if I was sitting there again all those years ago.

During this day we also had a look around Château de La Rochefoucauld before heading back to the countryside.


c-1 n

The day after we ate at a restaurant called ‘La Toscane’ in the nearby town of Montbron; one of the nicest restaurants I have visited. We were taken down a pathway framed by plants with pink flowers to the courtyard where we sat down around a table. Of course the most important thing…the food was incredible! If you’re a pizza lover like myself you would be very happy there.

It was so good, we returned again the following day and as before we were greeted by a friendly face; “good to see you again”. Salmon Tagliatele? Yes please.



One of the best things about the French countryside are its hidden gems; the swimming lakes dotted among the forest trees and sunflower fields, its tranquil villages and the wildlife; lizards and hummingbirds.


2015-08-16 08.13-1.34 1b

You can’t go on holiday without having a holiday playlist or at least a favourite artist to accompany you on your travels, right? I have been listening to Rhodes for a while now however just before I left for my holiday he released his single, Glow, on Spotify. After hearing this beautiful track how could Rhodes not be my holiday go-to artist?

Au revoir!

E x


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