From wacky hair colours to gentle highlights, from joining the dip dye rave to adding a hint of sunshine. Whether you have brown, blonde, black or red hair, whether you are a teenager or a more mature woman, I bet at some point in your life you have dyed your hair. Since my schooling years, many women I know have reached for that peroxide box or sat in a salon chair with foil wrapped around their locks.

Hello I’m Emma and I’m a hair-dying-virgin.

“If you don’t dye your hair now, when your locks start turning grey they will be in great condition to dye” I had always told myself this. When someone asked; “have you dyed your hair?” this was always my response. In the grand hair dying scheme of things, I have lived by this for the last 20 years.

Hello I’m Emma and now at 20 years old I have failed to resist temptation.

I have always loved the look of ombré hair; how it fades from dark to light, a great look for the summer months. I’ve seen some amazing ombré looks on celebrities; from the subtle Jessica Alba to the more courageous blonde of Drew Barrymore. On the flip side, I have also seen some ombré-gone-wrong looks where the two-tone hair colour doesn’t blend. So, do I or don’t I dye my hair? I remember my mums warning “it will never be the same again” and my grandmother’s concerning words “you have such a lovely colour, why ruin it?” but that dark to light hair thing that everyone is still going crazy about, yeah it was too hard to resist! I have jumped onto the ombré bandwagon. Before I knew it I had grabbed a box of hair dye off the shop shelf, fearlessly opened it and lightened up the ends of my medium brown hair.

And I don’t regret it!

Ombre hair 2A

Box Dye

Due to the tight student purse strings I used a shop box dye rather than taking a trip to the hairdressers. I reached for the L’oréal Wild Ombré Kit as I thought this was a safe option as yes, it’s specifically made for getting that ombré look. It came with a handy little brush to get an even coverage and blend the colour to avoid that ombré-gone-wrong look. This kit worked so well and I was very pleased with the result but it took me another go to get it from a very light brown to a blonde shade. Lightening medium brown hair wasn’t going to be quick and easy, was it? Even after a second bash at things the colour still wasn’t the blonde shade I wanted. I lastly purchased the L’oréal perfect Blonde crème hair dye which worked perfectly on the ends of my hair to make the blonde…well… more blonde.

Maintaining those locks!

Ombré hair maintenance can be difficult. After extensive research before and after ombré-fying my hair I found some great tips to help maintain the look.

  • Before dying ensure your hair is healthy. If you haven’t had it cut for a while I advise you to have a trim before dying it to remove any split ends and breakages.
  • After dying your hair, ensuring it stays healthy and sleek is important to reduce damage. Conditioning; shall it be hair masks, leave-in serum or conditioner. Have something to put the nourishment and life back into your hair! (Recommendations: Ultimate Blends Honey Bee Strength serum and conditioner)
  • Using a purple shampoo reduces yellow and brassy tones by brightening and toning your blonde ends. Leave on for 5 minutes, wash off and VOILÁ! (Recommendation: Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening shampoo)
  • Protect, protect, protect! Your hair has lost its pigment and has been stripped of its natural oils. It has always been important to protect your hair from the heat of styling tools but with dyed hair it is even more so. Heat protection spray is a must have. (Recommendation: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Health Protection Shine Spray)

After a few weeks of having ombré hair I am happy with the two-tone colour and I am keeping on top of its maintenance. Even my mum’s warning words have turned into a fondness towards my new look.

E x


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