Spring Berry Orange Muffins

Using berries in baking is a great way to get a burst of flavour and colour! Enjoy spring with these berry orange muffins! Continue reading


March’16 Favourites

I have never done a ‘favourites’ post before, despite it being one of the most popular posts amongst bloggers. Here we go, I’m giving it a bash! Continue reading


Why are we so afraid to congratulate ourselves? 4 Positive Habits

I’m sure like a lot of you reading this, I am my own worse critic. Rather than congratulating myself, I tell myself I could’ve done better – the classic glass half full or glass half empty – in this instance, I’m definitely the latter. Continue reading



I love this time of year. Everything is getting brighter and there’s little pops of colour everywhere you look.

I thought I would share a couple of Easter snaps with you!

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Hello again!

I miss blogging.

I started my blogΒ last year on a whim really, something to pass the time and a hobby I can pour myself into. I used to be very creative butΒ as I grew older and took more academic subjects at school and now at university, this creative side became numb. My blog was somewhere I could release that. Continue reading


Spooky Coconut Macaroons

This time of year is definitely the best with all its festivities. Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with baking so here ‘s a easy yummy spooky treat! Continue reading